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About PT PMA

PT PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) is a corporate entity in Indonesia that allows foreign investors to establish their presence in the Indonesian market. Designed to streamline and regulate foreign investments, PT PMA provides a structured pathway for international businesses to operate in Indonesia, adhering to local laws and contributing to the country's economic growth.

Why Choose PT PMA?

With a PT PMA, essential for foreign investors, you gain exclusive access to Indonesia's expansive market, complete with privileges tailored for foreign investment, comprehensive ownership rights, and the flexibility to operate across diverse sectors. This format is indispensable for those aiming to make a substantial impact in an evolving economy.

You need a PT PMA to legally own business in Bali as a foreigner

Types of businesses that foreigners usually engage in Bali:

Property / Real Estate

Real estate investment, freehold, leasehold, etc

Restaurant & Bars

Restaurant, bars, cafe, coffee shop, etc


Fashion, accessories, souvenir, grocery, electronics, books, luxury goods, etc

Digital Business

Agency, trading, digital services, online shop, etc


Event Organizer, Night Club, Beach Club, etc

We understand that the PT PMA setup process can be overwhelming, so we've made it super easy for you.

How easy it is?

Super Easy Process,
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Step 1
Place Your Order

Consult with us through WhatsApp OR order directly and proceed to pay the All-in-One fee of
Rp. 30.000.000 ($2000)
Rp. 25.000.000 ($1600)

Worry-free with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Step 2
Data Collection

You will automatically receive an Email & WhatsApp in which you need to fill out additional info about the company you want to create. You can also consult with our expert.

Step 3
We handle the Heavy Lifting

Sit back and relax. We will handle the hard work, and in just a few days, you will receive some documents (hardcopy) that need to be signed

Step 4
Documents Signing

Choose to sign the documents with our team or on your own (anywhere - following our legal steps). Then, either send them back to us or we can pick them up from you.

Step 5

Your company is formed, and you will receive all the necessary documents, plus bonuses and post-service support.

But that's not all – we go the extra mile by including
FREE BONUSES that no one else offers:


Company Bank Account Creation

You'll have our expert team by your side to navigate the process of setting up your company's bank account in Bali. We ensure a seamless and secure experience, handling the intricacies of banking procedures and compliance, so you can focus on your business growth.


All-in-One ERP Software

1 Year access to our Premium ERP Software to help your business on:
- Accounting
- HR Management
- CRM System
- Project Management
- Point of Sale (POS) System
- Inventory Management
- Internal Meeting & Chat


Meeting Room Quota in Canggu

Get 2 Hours / Month Meeting Room in a premium location in Canggu for 1 Year

- Capacity up to 14 people
- Projector & Whiteboard
- Pen & Paper
- Scan, Print, Copy
- Free Mineral Water


Financial Report

We will assist you in creating financial and tax reports (adhering to the standard accounting format) for 3 months (enhanced to 9 months if you purchase an add-on virtual office). After the completion of this period, you will be well-equipped to continue using the established format independently, ensuring a seamless transition.


Choose SetupBali.Company for a service that’s not only professional & reliable, but also richer in value than any other in Bali!


Things you might want to know about PT PMA

To establish a PT PMA, the following documents are required:

  1. List of Shareholders: A complete list of all individuals or entities holding shares in the company.

  2. Shareholders' Contact Information and Shareholding Percentage: Detailed contact information for each shareholder, along with the percentage of shares they hold in the company.

  3. Identity Documentation of Each Shareholder: This includes a KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) for Indonesian nationals or a Passport for foreign shareholders.

  4. Domicile Letter: This is a document confirming the legal address of the company. If you need assistance obtaining this, we are here to help.

  5. KBLI (Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification / Permit Code): This code classifies the type of business activities your company will engage in. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate KBLI code; you simply need to provide a brief description of your business.

Our team is ready to guide you through each step of this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup for your PT PMA.

Yes, a PT PMA can indeed own property in Bali, opening doors to exciting investment opportunities.

Bali's status as a growing tourist hotspot makes investing in properties like Bali villas through a PT PMA an attractive option. Foreigners often choose a PT PMA for real estate investments in Indonesia, as direct Hak Milik (HM) ownership - the highest property ownership type in Bali - is not available to them individually. A PT PMA is thus seen as a vital investment vehicle in Indonesia.

PT PMA companies can acquire both freehold and leasehold properties. A common approach is securing land via a leasehold agreement and constructing a villa to generate rental income. For such developments, a PT PMA must obtain various licenses, including Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB), Building Approval (PBG), and possibly Hak Pakai (HP). Our team at SetupBali.Company is here to guide you through this process, ensuring that your property investment complies with all necessary regulations and aligns with your business goals in Bali's thriving market.

PT PMAs in Indonesia face a range of tax implications, including Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Luxury Goods Sales Tax, and Withholding Tax. In addition to these tax obligations, PT PMAs must comply with accounting requirements like bookkeeping, financial statements, tax reporting, and investment reporting. Fortunately, PT PMAs that meet certain criteria may qualify for tax incentives such as tax holidays, investment allowances, accelerated depreciation, and tax credits. These regulations can be intricate, but at SetupBali.Company, we specialize in guiding foreign investors through these complexities, ensuring your PT PMA is compliant and optimized for Indonesia's dynamic business landscape.

Absolutely, it is both safe and legal to form a company 100% online, while still strictly adhering to all legal procedures. At SetupBali.Company, we harness the power of digital efficiency to make setting up your PT PMA in Bali cheaper, faster, and easier than traditional methods. Our process is fully compliant with Indonesian legal standards, ensuring your peace of mind. Moreover, we offer a money-back guarantee to assure you of our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. Experience the seamless blend of legal integrity and online convenience with us.

After our service is complete, you'll receive comprehensive support to ensure the success and smooth operation of your business:

  1. Business & Marketing Strategy Consultation: Benefit from expert advice on business and marketing strategies tailored to your needs. Our professionals will guide you in making informed decisions to grow your business.

  2. Legal Consultation: Access legal consultation to navigate any challenges or questions you may have about operating your business in Indonesia.

  3. ERP Software: Utilize our all-in-one ERP software for a range of business needs, including accounting, HR, CRM, project management, inventory management, and a POS system, streamlining your operations effectively.

  4. Meeting Room Access: Take advantage of a meeting room in a premium location in Canggu, perfect for client meetings, team collaborations, or brainstorming sessions.

  5. Business Connections: Expand your network with our business connections, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

  6. Digital Resources: Access a variety of digital resources, such as templates and exclusive content, to enhance your business operations.

*All these consultations from our professionals are free for one year from the date your company is formed, adding value to your journey with us beyond just company setup.

PT PMAs in Bali can operate in a diverse range of business sectors, each offering unique opportunities for growth and innovation. These sectors include tourism and hospitality, a major economic driver in Bali, as well as real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, trade, and services. Bali's vibrant market also supports creative industries like fashion, arts, and digital media. It's important to note that while many sectors are open to foreign investment, some may have restrictions or specific requirements. Our team at SetupBali.Company can help you navigate these sector-specific regulations, ensuring your PT PMA aligns with both your business goals and Indonesian laws.

In Indonesia, most business sectors allow for 100% foreign ownership of a PT PMA, providing extensive opportunities for international investors. However, there are a few sectors with foreign-ownership limitations as outlined in the Negative Investment List. At SetupBali.Company, we specialize in navigating these regulations to ensure your PT PMA complies with Indonesian investment laws. Our service includes a 100% money-back guarantee, giving you confidence and peace of mind. Should legal requirements prevent the establishment of your company, we will provide a full refund.

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If your company can't be established due to specific reasons or if there are legal requirements that can't be met, we assure a full refund. Place your order now with complete peace of mind, knowing your investment is secure with us.

About Us

About SetupBali.Company

Welcome to SetupBali.Company (PT. Yuk Sukses Online), your pioneering partner in establishing a PT PMA or foreign-owned company entirely online in Bali, Indonesia. We’re revolutionizing the incorporation process with a unique blend of simplicity, speed, and affordability. Our 100% online model significantly reduces costs, enabling us to offer unbeatable prices. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting periods; with us, your business is set up in days, not weeks. Our hassle-free service streamlines every step, making it incredibly simple for you. As Bali’s only fully online PT PMA setup service, we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of clients and gained recognition from renowned media. Choose us for a professional, reliable, and efficient start to your business journey in Bali, Indonesia.

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Revolutionizing the incorporation process, we offer a unique blend of simplicity, speed, and affordability. SetupBali.Company (PT. Yuk Sukses Online) is the first 100% Online PT PMA setup in Bali.

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